• Freya Isobel

    Archetype Coach,

    Energy Medicine Practitioner, Facilitator

    The ones I love are wild.

    They are the deep feelers, the sensitive healers, the loving nurturers, the courageous creatives - The Wild Ones.

    These are the people that offer their unique gifts to the world. With their presence, their words, or their art they leave us and the world around them better off. These souls are the ones I want to support, and teach practices that protect their open hearts, to soothe their nervous systems, to allow them to fall deeply in love with themselves. To support them in their courageous creativity, and encourage them to welcome into their own hearts so much loving self-acceptance.


    You have probably been told you were too sensitive, a bit weird, that you just needed to get over it, move on, put your best foot forward, and just buck up. Maybe you tried to fit in. You have worn the fashion, assumed the posture, repeated the right language but it just never felt right.


    I've been there. It's painful and exhausting.

    Intuitive Flow. Archetype Wisdom. Embodied Living.


    Dear Heart, This is a place for you.


    Experience the power of deep embodiment, soothe your senses and hear your intuition (inner tuition) through my:

    • Women's Circles and The Valkyrie Sessions (for men): Connect to your true essence, feel embodied, nourish and treat yourself.
    • Energy Medicine Workshops: Come and feel the energy and your subtle body and then take powerful action to change your energy and circumstances
    • Energy Medicine Sessions - Individual sessions to shift your energy and soothe your soul
    • Archetype Coaching - Set some powerful goals and then work with your own unique archetypes to allow flow and action
    • Essential Oil Classes - learn how nature's medicine can support you emotionally, nourish your body, elevate your spirit, and detox your home

    Professional Bio

    Freya Isobel is an energy medicine practitioner, archetype coach and workshop facilitator based in Sydney. Freya works part-time as a Medical Science Liaison for pharmaceutical grade plant medicine as well as being a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Freya has been certified by Michaela Boehm as a Wild Women's Way Circle Facilitator, and is a certified Beautiful You Life Coach. In 2012 Freya completed Deborah King's fifth level Energy Medicine program. Freya has a BA (Drama) from QUT and studied playwriting at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art). Freya's offerings are designed to soothe and nourish so her clients have a deeper awareness of their bodies' wisdom and guidance. When a body feels relaxed and energised it creates space to harness the influence of archetypes to actualise our unique gifts and live embodied, authentic and intuitive lives.


    Her theatre and drama experience informs all her work through her understanding of archetypes, the creative process and the power of language and ritual. Freya supports her clients on their own epic journey - a journey to authentic living through the embodiment of their unique archetypes- as her clients’ personal powers come to fruition. The dance between the energies of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) is essential to her work, as is assisting clients to hear their intuition through enquiry and embodiment practices. Freya’s clients go on to take courageous action to produce their art, create new business or initiate exciting personal projects.


    Freya holds oil classes, women's circles and energy medicine workshops and individual consults in Sydney and online. She is the creator of The Valkyrie Sessions: Healing for Men, Healing the Wounded Warrior - a two-hour session for men.

  • My Story

    A journey back to (my wild) nature

    Once upon a time...

    I was an ethereal child. I remember being swept away to a fairy circle one wild night by my imaginary friend Murkey- a member of the fae. We entered a toadstool circle and danced wildly. During the waking hours, I had long conversations with my best friends Sally and Tom who were two trees. I would always shake their hands (branches) each time I passed them in the backyard. My other friend was a green tree frog who had found a home in our letterbox. I would visit him each day with water and leaves as offerings.


    The most sublime ecstatic experience I had was being surrounded by over 100 rainbow lorikeets on our back deck. Just little four year old me and those brightly coloured feathers. Those birds really know how to party. Pure hedonism!

    The (self) rejection...

    As I left childhood, like so many of us, I learned to believe that being intellectual was better than being intuitive, strategically heading somewhere was safer than gentle exploration and flow, and purpose was preferable to pointless passion. I rejected a part of myself - my wild nature-loving ethereal self - and locked it away. Deep deep within me.


    From the age of seven to twenty, chronic cystic acne vulgaris covered my face. I had no healthy skin, only large red cysts. I believed I was ugly, so needed to be extra smart, as I was going to get nothing and nowhere with my looks. Better get working on the other stuff - like good grades, helping people and being a "good girl". Years of antibiotics, the pill and Accutane (the big gun) followed.


    By the time I was twenty-two I believed I was allergic to nature. Being in the city was best - shopping for shoes, thick makeup and the latest fashion replaced the op shop finds of my once wild creative spirit. Drinking on the weekend, punishing myself at the gym, trying to control my curves in restrictive clothing, never ever feeling beautiful or good enough, using my sexuality to get attention from men, and not believing I had anything else to offer. And then the guilt, the shame, the judgement. Life was difficult, unwelcoming, cold and harsh.


    Studying theatre and acting whilst at university was a welcome respite. Being someone else was a relief from being me. Creating another world was a sanctuary, but my studies eventually came to an end. How was I to survive?


    I thought I needed to reject the artistic, the sensitive and the creative to survive. The ways of the artist, the empath, the sensitive, the creatrix were only going to lead me into poverty, and loneliness. I had swallowed the myth of the starving and suffering artist. Fallen for that lie - hook, line and sinker!


    So I got a job in the corporate world. For a while I believed I was happy - with the clothes, the shoes, the car, the boyfriends, the not awful career, hey it was better than nothing. I told myself I was lucky, to stop being greedy and wanting more. So I put my best blistered and high heeled foot forward.

    The wake up call (aka reality check)

    After taking ecstasy at a music festival my boyfriend cheated on me. I was devastated. Little did I know that this was the catalyst for my awakening. The life I was living was not working for me. I did not understand how to change. I just knew I desperately needed to.

    Bit by bit over a decade resources started to come my way. Teachers, counselors, books, movies, yoga, veganism, whole foods, meditation, shamans, energy medicine. It is so true - when the student is ready the teacher (or teachers) will come.

    Yoga helped me understand the importance of discipline on the spiritual path and that slogging away at the gym did little for my spirit (and actually not that much for me physically either). I experienced the satisfaction and magic of daily committed practice over a number of years.

    Vegan living taught me the power of plants to heal and brought me closer to animals and nature. I felt lighter and connected to my Higher Self.

    I found my energy medicine teacher Deborah King and continue to keep my energy medicine skills sharpened with her training. From the moment I saw her work over a livestream tears spilled down my face - it was like coming home for me. This is the energy that I could always sense but now I could recognise and understand it. I learned to discern the difference between a helpful loving strong energy and a powerful draining one. I am proud to be a practised and skilled energy practitioner.

    I became a certified Beautiful You coach so I could better guide my clients to connect to their own inner wisdom rather than looking for answers from outside of themselves.

    My inner feminine came flooding through after a powerful women's weekend with Tantric Blossoming. After which years of grief seemed to overwhelm me as I restarted my relationship to my inner feminine - a part of me that had been neglected for years. After which months of ecstasy as sexual energy washed through me. (I was put on performance management at work. All I wanted to do was dance, eat raw chocolate and make love).


    Through opening to my flowing feminine nature I became more creative - creating delightful life experiences, sensual pleasures and authentic relationships.

    I could feel my wildness returning. My connection to my true nature. My connection to the wonder and magic of the natural world.

    The long long road ahead

    Long lasting change does not happen in an instant but takes daily committed practice.


    It may take a lifetime.

    In my twenties and thirties romances would be a playground of learnings, some friendships would fade whilst others held me with love and understanding, skin cancer surgery would occur that hardly left a mark, surgery to reduce the acne scarring would happen and a frightening bout of tinnitus fast tracked me to radical self care. Corporate life brought highs and lows (including awards, promotions, financial success as well as bullying and soul-crushing stuckness). I felt I was a little bit of a cliché. I owned the unit in the posh Sydney suburb, the European car, took the overseas holidays but I felt so unsatisfied. I had so much creativity inside me and time was tick-tick-ticking away.

    So much of my inner landscape had shifted through committed daily practices. My physical body and the food I was attracted to eating had evolved going plant based. Through my energy medicine practice my sensitivity became a wonderful gift supporting my clients and myself (as opposed to being a burden).


    It was time to make the big leap and change my days completely.

    A different way of being

    Finally after twelve years in a comfortable (then eventually toxic) but ultimately unsatisfying career I called it a day, and found part time work as a Medical Science Liaison working for a start up medical cannabis company.

    I opened up space and time for my wild sensitive creative self to write, play and (even) garden.
    I embraced the magic of plant medicine via essential oils to support my health, emotions and finances.

  • Praise

    Beautiful Words from My Beautiful Clients

    Energy Session

    "I found Freya through B School and I am truly glad that I did. I was curious about what she had to offer. I have had two healings with Freya and both were beautifully powerful. Freya’s energy is warm, calming and open, I was able to let go of some things that were stopping me from moving forward with my business and career. I now have tools and knowledge to use going forward and a secret weapon to boot! ( Freya ) Thank You Freya."

    Laura Huxley, Performance Coach, Actress, Speaker, www.laurahuxley.net


    “Freya’s intuitive coaching style is what drew me to her and is perfect for helping those seeking to be guided by their own intuition. Leading by example, her coaching and gentle direction encourages you to continuously turn inwards for your own answers and this strengthened my trust in my own inner guidance as I created goals and action steps to take that strongly resonated for me. Thank you so much Freya for all your help and for all you helped me achieve, especially helping me turn my t-shirt business from a mere thought into a reality. “

    Natasha Tay, www.pocketyogini.com

    Energy Session

    "My wife recommended I visit Freya to help me with clearing my creative gateways and moving forward in the next chapter of my life. I was intrigued about what a spiritual healer does and was open to trying something new. The experience was indeed very spiritual, relaxing, emotional and it felt like a weight had been lifted from me that I had carried around for a long time. Freya was a very warm and calm person who defiantly knows what she is doing. Thank you so much."

    Jamie www.thenorthernmonkey.tv

    Shakti Awakening

    I came to this workshop to find out about me as a person and be in touch with my inner self. I achieved this at this workshop. I have learned to love myself and find the beaming light inside me that I have lost touch with. This workshop was incredibly powerful. Thank you Freya for sharing your powerful energy with me.


    Michelle, Sydney 2017


    Freya is lovely to work with. She does not judge, but encourages you to find your intuition, your truth and your passion in this world. Through the use of ritual, archetypal forces and creative tasks, Freya helps you bring order and a path forward in your life. Her approach is organised and methodical , yet also creative and holistic. As a transpersonal art therapist myself, I can appreciate the way she works with the creative force in her clients. I am glad I had these sessions with her.

    Sara Isherwood, Artist and Therapist

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