• Archetype Coaching

    Awaken and express all of you

    Embodied Archetype Coaching

    Allow your personal archetypes to inspire and guide you into courageous action

    Are you ready to explore the mystery of who you are? Perhaps you are a healer, a teacher, an artist, a witch, a warrior, a queen, a father or a goddess? These are some of the influential archetypes that may be inviting you to journey with them.


    Through Archetype Coaching you will learn practices that allow you to hear the guidance from the archetypal energies that are motivating you, moving you and calling to you.


    Archetypes are unique energies that exist within our collective unconscious and you have very specific ones that operate in your life. Acknowledging the archetypes that exist within your psyche can unlock hidden talents or enhance the gifts you already express.


    This coaching will support you to strengthen your relationship and understanding of your own unique archetypes and initiate the goal orientated action that they are instructing you to take.


    What you are dreaming to create in your life is possible with the guidance from within you. From your own team of archetypes.


    Please connect via the contact form below for a free twenty-minute chat to see if this method is just right for you.


    Fortnightly Three Month Coaching Series

    • 60 mins Zoom online calls every fortnight
    • Email support in between to keep you accountable
    • Weekly Voxer days
    • Welcome gift customised for you based on the archetypes we will be working with


    • $380 per month (for three months) or one off upfront payment of $997
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    Coaching Praise

    From a yogini and artist....

    “Freya’s intuitive coaching style is what drew me to her and is perfect for helping those seeking to be guided by their own intuition. Leading by example, her coaching and gentle direction encourages you to continuously turn inwards for your own answers and this strengthened my trust in my own inner guidance as I created goals and action steps to take that strongly resonated for me. Thank you so much Freya for all your help and for all you helped me achieve, especially helping me turn my t-shirt business from a mere thought into a reality. “

    Natasha Tay, www.pocketyogini.com

    From a farmer, teacher and witch....

    "Freya is lovely to work with. She does not judge, but encourages you to find your intuition, your truth and your passion in this world. Through the use of ritual, archetypal forces and creative tasks, Freya helps you bring order and a path forward in your life. Her approach is organised and methodical , yet also creative and holistic. As a transpersonal art therapist myself, I can appreciate the way she works with the creative force in her clients. I am glad I had these sessions with her." Sara Isherwood, Artist and Therapist

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