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Are you a Witch too?

I'm typing this out to you today, watching the rain fall with a grey cat on my lap and eagerly waiting the black moon rise tonight, to tell you about an archetype that is buzzing at the moment. It's getting a lot of attention. My clients are desiring to bring its energy into their lives, and I am seeing this archetype represented in film, TV and online. It's an archetype that is old, very much connected to ancient wisdom, ritual, nature loving and plant wisdom. Can you guess which archetype it is?

It's The Witch.

Perhaps you may think of the Wicked Witch of the West, Samantha in Bewitched or today's Netflix special Sabrina. However, these most famous pop culture witches - as delightful as they may be - don't embody the wisdom and power that is available with this archetype.

When my clients work with The Witch Archetype they go beyond the superficial, Disneyfied images of witches that have been distorted by patriarchal white supremacist culture. We access something much greater, primordial and transformative: the healing, wisdom and force within all of nature and her cycles. The woman and men who are connecting with the Witch are responding to their inner life-shifting wisdom and making bold, courageous and wild moves.

The Witch knows what herb or essential oil to use for wellness, or how a ritual can spark change and healing. The Witch is aligned to her inner wisdom and does not care a hoot what people think of her, she has no need to be pretty or pleasant. For millennia the Witch has seen the worst of mankind in their hysteria, fear, violence and entitlement. An empowered and healthy Witch is afraid of nothing and no one.

Sounds incredibly transformative, doesn't it?

Maybe you are a witch too? Or maybe The Witch Archetype is tapping you on the shoulder with her crystal wand wanting to get your attention to make some magic with you.

If you think she (or he or they) are then lean in a little deeper to the whisperings, to hear the instructions and potent magical recipes.

Here are a few ways to work with The Witch Archetype:

  1. MOVE: Choose a piece of music that you think the Witch would resonate with and move as the Witch. Feel your body as the Witch's body as you move to the music. Here is my Spotify list for your inspiration.
  2. JOURNAL: Ask the Witch questions and then journal the responses. Imagine the Witch’s responses - feel or hear these answers arise in you. You could ask: What is it you want me to know? What wisdom do you have for me? What is my greatest gift you can support me with?
  3. VISUALISE: After a meditation imagine you see the Witch in your mind's eye. Let the Witch show you a secret or reveal some wisdom to you.

I am here to support you to clearly hear, feel and most importantly act on the witchy guidance to create the results you want to experience. Message me if you have any questions, or want to explore how I can help you bring the Witch (or another archetype) into your life. I love receiving your questions and comments.

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