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Birth/Rebirth (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2: Birth/Rebirth

Last note was all about Death (Part 1 of 2) as part of the archetype of Birth/Death/Rebirth ("BDR"). As many around the world have recently celebrated the birth of the Christ light and the hope and healing that this celebration can represent it’s time for Part 2 of 2: Birth/Rebirth.

The archetype of BDR is a situational archetype - a situation that occurs along the hero's journey, as opposed to a role archetype like Father or Child. Rebirthing or resurrection is common in spiritual teaching and myth, like the bible story that Jesus was born, died and resurrected. 2000 years before Jesus another myth is found in the story of the Egyptian sun god Horus: He was born on the 25 December three days after the winter solstice, born of a virgin in a cave, and his birth heralded by angels. Horus had 12 disciples and was crucified and resurrected.

In fiction this archetypal situation is played out by Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby who rebirths himself into a new and glamorous life, Eliza Doolittle is reborn as a proper lady in My Fair Lady, and young Simba returns to his village reborn as the Lion King. In nature I can’t think of anything that represents this archetype more aptly than a butterfly. The worm is born eventually goes through a process of cell death and then reborn into a winged and ethereal creature.

Dearest One what are you wanting to birth in 2020? What are you wishing to give wings to?

Now is the perfect time to birth a new idea or creative project and work with the power of Birth/Rebirth. It is important to put into place structure that can support this new energy to bring it from birth into maturity or completion. Structure can include a weekly plan, daily visualisation meditations, or placing healthy triggers around the home to support you - like a water station to make sure you a hydrated.

How do you want to feel in 2020? Write down your desired list of feelings. Then sense those feelings in your body and let insights arise from there. Let the feelings and sensations in your body guide you. Each day feel in your body for a few minutes how it would feel to bring this new energy into your life. The desired feeling is what creates the delightful changes in your body and energy field. This subtle change makes it easier to take the important action.

Naturally there is both light and shadow with the archetype of Birth/Rebirth:

Light Side

  • A fresh start, excitement and new energy
  • The focus and attention that tending to something new brings
  • New project, babies, ideas bring people together for the collective good
  • Hope and joy that comes along with another possibility

Shadow Side

  • Birthing an evil idea
  • Creating a monster
  • Stifling down something which should be born/created. The energy needs to go somewhere which can create a half-born not fully realized situation. Or the person carrying the birth energy can implode if they do not bring their project to life.

Contractions before labor.
Constriction before expansion.
Birthing something new can be an uncomfortable and daunting process.

I would love to support you with Archetype Coaching in 2020. Message me for a free no obligation Archetype Discovery Call and receive 10% off if you sign up in January. Let's create the most fertile and creative environment for you to birth your wild life in 2020.

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