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Death (Part 1 of 2)

Part 1 of 2

For my final two notes to you this year (2019) I want to bring you an archetype that is less tangible than the ones I have previously shared. This archetype is an aspect of life, and something we all must be in relation with (whether we like it or not). I’m closing our year out with the archetype of Death/Birth/Rebirth. This is a situational archetype and a continual cycle. We recognise this archetype in nature as leaves turn dry, brown and fall lifeless from their branches making way for new growth in spring. Each day the sun births a new dawn, and each evening the day dies. A human womb may release an egg each month creating the space for a new ovum and the possibility of birthing new life. Death/Birth/Rebirth is a very recognisable archetype in story and myth. Both Jesus and Osiris came to life after death. Anakin’s spirit died to be reborn as Darth Vada and a submissive secretary was killed and then awoke as Catwoman in the Batman series.
With the year coming to an end you may be taking stock of the joys and sorrows that have come to pass before the excitement of a new year begins. So before I discuss the light and labour pains that come with Birth/Rebirth (part 2 of 2 – next month) let’s welcome in the warm embrace (or at other times chilling tingles) of Death.
My definition of death (as an archetype) is the ceasing of the animation of the form. The energy (or soul) does not cease to exist only the form has died, and the energy is free to move and rebirth into another creation (or form). When a romantic relationship dies the love and attention can be rebirthed into another form with another person (or sometimes a new relationship with the same person). Currently Bruno and I are preparing to leave our current apartment to move into a more suitable and larger place. The ending of this lease must happen and is definitely for my highest good and yet I feel the grief of letting go. I am going through the process of letting the little sanctuary I have created here dissolve to bring life and my creative energy into a new abode.
Like all archetypes Death has both a light side and a shadow side:
Light Side

  • Possibility of peace: Momento Mori – Remember you will die. This may sound harsh and scary to some people but I believe it is the most loving reminder to bring your attention to the present moment and find peace. Practice gratitude for the time you have here and now with what and whom you love.
  • Death is the harbinger of change and new life. The death of a worm supports life for a newborn baby bird. In the Tarot the Death card heralds a time of transition as old customs or ways of being decay and turn to dust.
  • Creator of sacredness. All that is loved, beautiful and precious will eventually turn to dust. From the great pyramids of Egypt to the tiniest of flowers. The inherent death in everything brimming with life force creates endless opportunity for heart break and heart expansion as we know the end must come. As my cat sits on my lap as I type this email I feel the love flow from me and know that one day I won’t be able to experience this seemingly ordinary everyday occurrence with my little purball Leo, and for this reason this moment is sacred to me.
  • Motivation – many beautiful paintings, buildings and scientific discoveries have been made by people wanting to leave their mark on the world. Are you feeling time tick tick tick? Good! Keep going! Finish that project!

Shadow Side

  • Denial- When we deny death and refuse to see that something has well and truly come to its end we may end up “flogging a dead horse”. This image portrays the insanity of refusing to see when something has died.
  • Fear of the unknown – Letting go of something to create something new can be exciting but can also create tremendous fear when we must say goodbye to what is familiar. We can get stuck and paralysed by fear refusing to make the transition whilst inside we feel our life force dying. Ever felt a job, relationship or idea decaying and rotting? As Elsa sings, “let it go, let it gooooo”

Working with the Death Archetype

  • Embrace or at least acknowledge the ending. If a relationship or job ends or a physical death has taken place it can feel like the tectonic plates of what has grounded you have shifted never to be the same. This may very well be true. You need to find a way to root yourself again. This is what you signed up for when you incarnated. Nothing blessed, unique and alive ever stays the same.
  • Allow yourself to mourn and grieve. This can be a time of year that we must accept that certain aspects of our life concluded with or without our control. Relationships, opportunities, creative projects, dreams you held for yourself died. Allow yourself to feel the grief – even if what happened is for the best it is still okay to grieve.
  • Opportunity to cleanse. We need to release and create space before we bring in the new. What can you release? It’s a good time to Marie Kondo your house and also your dropbox. Release or delete anything that is not supporting what you want to birth in the new year. Perform rituals to honour and farewell anything that died, ended or completed this year.
  • Take stock of 2019. Make a list of all the joys and achievements you experienced. Did relationships deepen? New friends? How about your journey with health and nutrition? And work? What did you complete and take action around this year? Celebrate it all even the bits that did not go to plan.

If you are feeling it difficult to let go and some energy is stuck in your psyche please PM me and we can set up a time to support you with a coaching and energy session either in person or over zoom.

May the ending of this year bring you much reflection and celebration. I will be back with part 2 of 2 - Rebirth/Birth just after Christmas.
Much Love,

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