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In Praise of a Small Life

Is it just me or are you noticing a common theme in the self development and spiritual world where bigger is better? Where by having more followers on Instagram, and more likes on Facebook you are somehow “on purpose” and serving at a great degree than those you have no idea how to double tap. Now don’t get me wrong. I desire to have a greater audience. It would certainly help sell out my workshops and assist with landing a publisher for my book, however, I do not believe that my service to humanity will be greater, nor my purpose more important than if I had no access to social media.

It feels as though the message that many motivational speakers are spruiking around “getting your message out there” is being distorted to mean if we are not “out there” than we are not truly living the life we were born to live. Somehow we are less amazing, and less inspiring than social media stars.

I want to praise the actions of a small life. The carers and the countless hours they spend tending to another who cannot bathe nor eat without assistance. The Aunt who babysits so Mum and Dad can have the night off. My old boss who helped out a member of our team organise a funeral for her husband because my colleague had no one else to help her. These are the actions that make the world spin peacefully, that add to the collective “good karma”.

The kindest deeds often go unnoticed. You may no idea the effect you have by helping that stressed out person work the parking metre, nor the extra time you took to speak to a stranger in the waiting room. Just by truly looking into a fellow earthling’s eyes in silent acknowledgement may be enough to shift their mood for the day allowing them to feel that they are not invisible, they matter.

Though I have titled this blog a “small life,” the actions that no one sees, that cannot be double tapped, shared and commented on are, in my eyes, the greatest. The most magnetic and the biggest. Your beautiful heart, your desires and the actions you take when no one is looking to be an instrument of love, to show acceptance and acknowledgement, without desiring anything in return other than the other’s happiness, is the biggest and most powerful living in the world. I do see you, and am so grateful for your grace and goodness. And even if we never meet, I am energetically giving you a thumbs up. (As well as adjusting the filter…’cause well …why not?)

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