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Know Thyself....but how?

It seems that the great sages of antiquity and literature often tell us we should spend time getting to know ourselves. One of the most well known quotes from Socrates is "Know Thyself", and then Shakespeare's "to thine own self be true." It is possible that many a seeker has set upon their own dusty path with this goal in mind. I myself have the Seeker Archetype in my psyche and have certainly traversed unfamiliar terrain in an effort to seek truth, my own truth.

I have heard spiritual teachers encourage their followers to respond to the question "Who are you?" with "I am a spiritual being having a human experience", based on the quote of Pierre Teihard de Chardin. If "Who are you?" was a question on a spiritual exam that would surely be an acceptable answer. You'd get a tick for "I am spirit in human form," right?

But it does feel a bit generic, doesn't it? Where is the individuality? With all your passion, wildness, quirks, very distinct preference and triggers - surely that can't be ALL you are.

You, my darling, are a masterpiece, unique, glorious, irreplaceable and invaluable.

When we answer the question "Who are you?" with "I am consciousness" or "I am a spiritual being having a human experience", we are referring to the blank canvas upon which the masterpiece is painted.* When we answer this way we acknowledge the great truth that we are in fact "All One", all equal, all children of the earth at our very essence.

But what gives us colour, texture, shade, depth, beauty and appeal is the paint on this blank canvas.

This is where archetypes come in. Archetypes can be the doorway to discover why you are designed and destined to be a certain way. Working with archetypes may show you how you are wired to enjoy and strive for certain things, whilst other things leave you cold. When you name these parts of your psyche and begin a dialogue with these powerful archetypal forces you can see and feel the patterns, palette and power of your unique soul's journey.

Archetypes help you answer the question "Who are you?" and you come to know yourself in a deeper and more compassionate way.

Let's take the Seeker Archetype as an example. This archetype begins seeking with curiosity but at its core is searching for wisdom and truth wherever these can be found. Archetypes are at their essence neutral but have both a light side and shadow side. The Shadow Seeker may keep moving to the next shiny object never really learning anything (been there myself) or from workshop to workshop or develop an unhealthy dis-empowering infatuation with a teacher or Guru. On the light side the Seeker's curiosity will lead them to places, people and experiences that expand and empower them. The Seeker may become a great student of divinity and life and ultimately embody great wisdom and teachings. Do you resonate with this? Maybe you have the Seeker in your psyche?

You have your own team of archetypes in your psyche ready to guide you. Are you a witch? A warrior? A teacher or a Queen? Want to find out more? Send me a message to set up a thirty minute free no obligation Archetype Discovery. Or sign up to my newsletter to be the first to receive my Meet Your Mage audio guide




*analogy inspired by Eckhard Tolle

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