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The Clown (and how to deal with an evil one)

I view the world and its people through a lens that reads and sees archetypes. Over the last year or so one archetype keeps popping up everywhere I look. It is center stage on Instagram, politics and in two big films about to be released.

It is The Clown.

What defines The Clown is the capacity to create comedy (or occasionally a bitter sweet heartbreak) with the body and voice. My favourite clown at the moment is Celeste Barber. Celeste hilariously uses her expressions, posture and voice to create physical comedy that is taking the world by storm. She creates such joy!

Archetypes have both a shadow/negative side as well as light/positive side. There is the Evil Clown, made famous by Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT. However, the most famous of evil clowns don’t look so stereo-typically evil – cue Donald Trump and other such bumblers and buffoons (Borris Johnson). The evil bumbler/clown is dangerous. The person with this archetype in their psyche pretends to be harmless and humorous with their buffoonery, so you may let your guard down. Next minute you are opening the door to them, or the presidency.
Entertain a clown and you become part of the circus.

I have witnessed this archetype in full force at a sexuality workshop. Unfortunately it was the facilitator. This evil clown/buffoon got everyone on side with tomfoolery whilst groping them at the same time.

Be very wary of buffoons and bumblers. These evil clowns don’t wear stage makeup or red noses.

What to do when dealing with an evil clown/buffoon.

  • This archetype feeds of your attention whilst distracting you from their true intentions. Turn the spotlight away from them onto someone or something worthy.
  • Don’t laugh at their jokes which often cause harm and make fun of others. They are usually racist, sexist or self-defacing.
  • Be watchful of your personal space both physically and energetically. Remove yourself from the evil clown. That might mean you have had enough media for the day.

Do you bring laughter and joy to people with your facial expressions, movement and voice? Perhaps you are a clown or wish to play with the light side of this archetype. If you do then it's time to come forward and use your wonderful capacity for physical comedy to create joy. We need your skills to bring us laughter!

How to work with The Clown archetype:

  • Do a funny face and take a pic. I dare you to post it on Instagram
  • Take a clowning class
  • Enroll in a stand-up comedy open mic night and create laughter with your body, facial expressions and voice – a la Jim Carrey
  • Enjoy professional clowns in a show or circus. I am looking forward to the grace and whimsy of the clowns in Cirque du Soleil which is touring mid-October.

If you are curious to explore The Clown (or another archetype) in order to fully express your unique self, please message me here and we can have a completely free (and obligation free) chat.

By all means “send in the clowns” but only the sweet (or melancholy) ones please!

Much Love (with a red clown nose and unicycle),

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