• Energy Medicine

    Shifting your life from the subtle realm

    Allowing grace

    Bringing in more of your light essence and releasing the toxic

    Often clients come to see me because they are have tried alternative modalities and are curious about what working with the subtle energy body can do. Then clients come back for further sessions because of the profound and powerful change energy medicine ignites - sometimes immediately. Clients may come for an energy session when they are in transition with their health, their relationships or their career, or for a tune-up when life is presenting an opportunity to expand. A session can open up a change of perspective or bring peace to a current situation. Many clients come for relief with contraction and tension in the body or a feeling of heaviness that just hangs around.


    I work mostly a non-touch modality with the subtle body and includes intuitive readings and guidance.


    These sessions are truly a divine experience, and can be in-person or over Zoom.


    Cost: 45mins $147

    3 x 45 mins $405 (within 6 months)

  • Praise

    Happy Clients

    Beautifully powerful

    "I found Freya through B School and I am truly glad that I did. I was curious about what she had to offer. I have had two healings with Freya and both were beautifully powerful. Freya’s energy is warm, calming and open, I was able to let go of some things that were stopping me from moving forward with my business and career. I now have tools and knowledge to use going forward and a secret weapon to boot! ( Freya ) Thank You Freya."

    Laura Huxley, Performance Coach, Actress, Speaker

    I was stunned

    "After suffering from excruciating back pain for weeks I contacted Freya for help. I had seen a physiotherapist three times a week, but there was no improvement, and I started to get very concerned. Just to explain how severe my pain was: I was not able to bend forward, I needed assistance with getting off a chair and help with getting dressed, not to mention the housework which my husband had to do. I was in urgent need of pain relief, and as I was not able to drive to see Freya in person, Freya suggested a distance healing. During the session I experienced sensations in different body parts which Freya later described as areas with issues she addressed. After the session Freya gave me very helpful information about the cause of my pain. I was stunned as everything she said made absolute sense to me. Only one day after the session I was able to move better, and two days later I felt a huge shift, not only in regards to my back pain but also my emotional state of mind. I finally gained my trust back that "everything is alright“, as Freya reassured me. Thank you Freya, from the bottom of my heart, for your assistance!"

    Sigrid Moeller, Sydney

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