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    The Wild Woman's Circle™

    Embodiment: Unique wisdom within you

    Embodiment is intimacy with your own body and the way it communicates with you. Through embodiment you become sensitive to the subtle sensations in your body, and this enables you to feel what you need in each moment – to make choices that empower and nurture you. An embodied person has more opportunity for relaxation, inspiration and pleasure because they can feel and receive more from the world around them. Hearing your intuition (inner tuition) is largely dependent on how embodied, relaxed and sensitive you are. This women's circle will guide you into the experience of embodiment, and leave you with practices to explore on your own.

    The Wild Woman's Way: You are a part of nature

    "The Wild Woman is the ancient part of us that knows of the rising of the moon and the movement of the tides, the instinctual, deeply connected aspect in each of us that has survived and thrived in the wilderness for many thousands of years." From The Wild Woman's Way by Michaela Boehm

    So many of us spend our days in traffic, juggling careers, businesses, children and partners as well as trying to eat more veges and get some exercise in. We rarely give ourselves a moment to slowly breathe, feel the grass between our toes and the warmth of the sun on our skin. We forget that we are nature and need all the nurturing a flower needs to bloom - particularly space to breathe, time to allow unhurried blossoming and a fertile natural environment.

    This Women's Circle works with the archetype of the Wild Woman - the part of us that is instinctual, connected to our animal nature and in tune with the cycles of the natural world. She is within us all reminding us that we thrive when we remember our connection to nature and the wilderness.

    Women's Circles: Steeped in practice and wisdom

    These two-hour events will involve specific practices involving gentle movement and self-reflection, and have been created by Michaela Boehm who is an intimacy and relationship expert. Michaela has extensive experience in teaching women’s work, and has certified me to present her circles. These events are for all who identify as women.

    No matter if you have done lots of women's work or this circle will be your first you are sure to experience something useful and insightful.

    Cost and Venues

    Cost: Early Bird $38 General Admission $48



    Venues and Dates: TBA June 2019 - check back soon


    Tix: No tix at door.

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